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Signage on your retail store might just be the most important factor when determining whether or not a new customer will visit your store or pass on by. It helps to draw new and existing customers to you, which is why it is so important to get it right. Here are some retail signage tips to help you do that –

1. Design Your Logo First

Make sure you start by designing the logo for your store, so you know what colors and fonts to use in your signage. This ensures your offline brand identity (i.e. physical sign) will be consistent with your website and any online campaigns you plan.

2. Make Sure Text is Large and Clear

The text you use to direct customers to your store must be large and clear enough to see from a distance.

3. Use Colors that Make the Text Pop

The background colors must work well together and should make your text pop out clearly so that it is visible and clear to prospective customers. It’s surprising how many people choose discordant color combinations like red and black. Choose colors that go well together, and that make the text pop.

4. Signage Should be Visible in the Day or Night

During winters, it tends to get dark early. Your signage should be clearly visible during the day or night so that customers can see it no matter what time they pass by. Ask the signage company to send a mock-up of both the day and night view so you know what it looks like both during the day and night before printing.

5. Maximize Square Footage

You must maximize the square footage you have for signage to ensure it is large and visible to your prospective customer base.

6. Simple But Unexpected

Your signage must be simple enough to understand, but it should also have the element of surprise to make it truly stand out from others. An unexpected idea grabs attention and increases your store’s chance of drawing in more foot traffic.

7. Should Be Attractive and Communicate Your Business

Your signage must be attractive and should clearly communicate what you do as a business so that customers know what to expect. The clearer you are, the more chance you have of growing your walk-in customer base. Don’t make customers guess what you do or sell.

8. Should Comply With Sign Ordinances

If there are any signage ordinances and regulations for your store location, make sure you comply with them.

9. Ensure Copy is Concise

The copy on your signage must be clear and concise. Don’t clutter the signage with a long message that no one will read. Always use the least amount of text necessary to voice your message. Slogans are unlikely to be read-able from the street, especially drive by traffic.

10.Test Your Signage

Your signage must be clear from a distance. If it is too faint to be seen by cars or even pedestrians, you’re going to lose walk-ins. Get a friend to drive by and let you know whether the sign is clear and eye-catching. If not, it’s back to the drawing board. Consider whether traffic will be primarily cars passing by, pedestrians, or even rail passengers. Know your target customer, and make it resonate with them.

Use these tips to help you maximize the benefit you get from your retail signage.



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